The scope of the project was to translate a 1000 page book about Italian wines and wineries, with no images, into an app.

Given the huge amount of text only data, we wanted to give some life to the app by adding imagery to each region. Images were taken from Flickr library and refresh upon each launch of the app. The first time a user selects a region, a “full screen” image appears, with a subtle movement and scale transition till it fades into the next pic. At the bottom of the page is the region name that can be scrolled up to see the history and the typical wine characteristics. When the text is scrolling up, a black 60% transparent background will appear and the images will stop moving and changing to make the reading easier. After the first time in a region the user will be directly sent to the winery list. 

By swiping left or right from the edges of the phones or by clicking the icons in the Nav Bar, the user can move through the three main pages that compose the app: Favorites, List, Search.

The approach we used to present the winery “profile” is inspired by Twitter. This is because we had to handle only text informations (like Twitter used to be) and also we have three subcategories regarding info on the winery. By clicking a wine the user will be able to see the description.

The Favorites page is populated whenever the user will start to press the star icon for a wine or winery.

This is an internal private app—the brand requested a fictional name and logo for the following mockups.