SF Weekly’s 92 Cheap Eats That Define This City

The famous SF Weekly's 92 Cheap Eats list, on a map.


On September 2017 I went to San Francisco—obviously being a food lover I had to know where the cool place to eat are. Searching on the Internet I found the SF Weekly’s 92 Cheap Eats That Define This City (which actually was also suggested by a guy I met in a bar over a beer), an interesting and useful list of the best places where to eat in San Francisco, on a budget. 

Being new in town it was a pain to search every place to check if it was close to where I was (Mission/Valencia), so I thought it would have been nice to have this list on a map and...ta daaa. There you go: the list, on a map. For all the foodies out there. 

Thought to add as well the Instagram feed of images tagged on location, it will help to have a "real point of view" about the ambiance and food.

Buon Appetito! 

P.S. Obviously feel free to share, embed and everything you want. Also drop me line if you see some errors or have any suggestions to make it better.