Do you remember the Red Hot Chili Peppers cd you lent to someone in high school? Yes, that cd that never came back again. Here’s the reason I came up with the idea for the Pietro app (in Italian “Pietro torna indietro” translated in English would be “Jack come back”). 

The Facebook login/signup is used because most likely, something you've lent or borrowed is amongst your circle of friends. If a friend is not on Facebook, the user can also find someone in their contact list or create a new Pietro contact with their phone number and/or email. 

The design for the main page is a list with the name of the objects and a background pic (when no pic is available, a color rectangle is presented). The Pietro design enables users to double-tap an object from their list of lent items which will prompt a notification to remind your friend of the items they've borrowed from you. With a single tap users can view
the object, edit the contents and confirm when it has been returned. 

The notification center confirms or denies objects lent or borrowed, and a green circle with a confirmation icon is presented when both users have confirmed that the “transaction” (either lent or returned items) has been completed.