Needle is the mobile startup I founded — the first social platform for vinyl record lovers and music insiders to dig, stream and trade records. 

During a Sunday record digging session in a fleamarket, annoyed by the lack of tools to preview the records I was interested for (except searching song by song on YouTube) I started thinking how useful would be an app to stream vinyl records. Once home I started designing the first Needle app sketches. 

Discogs was the only real website dedicated to vinyl collectors, but they didn't have an app, the web interface wasn't even responsive, and is not social, it's a catalog. 

How nice would be to know about your friends vinyl collection? What if I can share my collection, discover other people preferences, buy and sell within an iPhone app?

Final logo
Top image: final logo

Top image: final logo

First logo

Profile page iterations.

After one year of work, along with my developer and partner, we released Needle in the App Store. In four months we reached over a thousands users, seven thousands vinyl record uploaded, support from legendary J.Rocc of Stones Throw Records, connections from Boiler Room CEO and an article on La Repubblica — one of the major Italian newspaper. In 2014 we have been handpicked to participate at the Web Summit in Dublin and selected to participate at Collision Conference in Las Vegas in 2015. 

Boom. Success!



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  • Project Management


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