Needle is the mobile startup I've created—a social platform for vinyl record lovers and music insiders to dig, stream and trade records. You can create your profile as a Record Lover, Record Label or a Record Store. Labels will have a backend where to upload their release to our database.

The strength of Needle compared to other vinyl record marketplaces (i.e. hello Discogs) is our strong album image component. We wanted this for two main reasons: 

- when you dig for records, what captures your attention is the cover, “no matter” the music, or at least, an appealing record cover is a good sign that the music might be interesting. 
- what the user is looking for and buying is actually the record they will receive in their hands after the deal with the seller.

For these reasons the Instagram imprint has been used for the feed and profiles. 

Another problem we noticed on other marketplace apps (i.e. Depop, Letgo) is the inability to buy multiple objects from the same user and have them grouped in the same order, the typical “Cart” in web marketplaces. 

Our solution was to build an intermediate page called “Bag” where to list all the records users want to buy, divided by seller. The user can dig through the app, add records to their bag, and when complete, they only need to confirm the order or uncheck the record they don't want to buy in that particular moment.

Once the user confirms the records to purchase,  they can privately chat with the seller and pay using Stripe. The seller can adjust the price in realtime (i.e. discounts, different shipping prices, etc) and every action is tracked and updated via internal notification in the internal chat. This will help to avoid scams. 

App conception, user flows and interface designed by me.