A corporate application for a major Italian sunglass manufacturer.

Scope of the project was to deliver an application for the corporate event that lasted for 5 days in Barcelona.

The client requested to have a blog section, a calendar with timetables of meetings, maps for locations of events and stores and a photo gallery. They also requested to be able to add more sections if needed, this lead me to use a more flexible dropdown menù instead of a Tab Bar.

For the blog and photo gallery has been built a web backend where the brand could upload all the contents to show in the app. 

Given the shortness of the event my approach for the calendar was to use a pager on top, that would highlight the current day running. The user is able anyway to view future and past event by tapping the date. A list is presented with the timetable, and where a location is presented a push view controller is presented with the map, info about the location and a button to call a Uber. 

The media gallery recall the blog section, with all the pictures grouped by event with a cover photo. Reason for this choice is the need from the brand to reuse and update the app for all the future events as well. By clearly dividing the pictures with a date, title and cover photo, will visually help the user to find the event he’s looking for instead searching between thousands of thumbnails. A search feature is present by scrolling down from the top of the gallery. 

This is an internal private app—the brand requested a fictional name and logo for the following mockups, I kept only their original color palette.