Silvia Avanzi (founder of Gray Matters) contacted me to upgrade her website to a full eCommerce store. After evaluating different platforms on were to move everything and build the brand new store, we decided to stay on Squarespace — her choice when firstly launched the business. 

I like Squarespace. It have some limitations, but for a brand starting up is a good solution; it's clean, fast, have good external integrations and with some imagination and the page builder you can do pretty much anything you want. Which is exactly what we did.

Squarespace Design Customization

Squarespace comes already with beautiful templates, but every brands have his own style, and this have to be reflected in the website. No one wants his store to be the same as a competitor. 

Silvia sent me her brand of reference, together we evaluated what made their websites stand out from the crowd and defined what Gray Matters website wanted to be. 

Starting from the basic template I worked first on the general layout page by page; when the overall result was close to their design and user experience Silvia wanted for her store, I started customizing little and major design details, such as buttons, fonts and going deep into some system logic to overcome some technical limitation of the platform. 



Silvia planned to start a weekly newsletter presenting each week a different model of shoe. Instead of a cold newsletter that link directly to a product page, what we came up to was a series of "Stories" where she was presenting in a fun and colorful way her collection.


She provided all the material and copy, I designed and built dedicated landing pages where to show all the color variation for each model, using lifestyle images that were linking to the product page.

We use Mailchimp for sending newsletter — making a good use of segments we've been able to target the emails to the right customer at the right moment, converting in sales. Also, with some A/B testing on the Sign Up button copy and position, the newsletter subscribers increased by a 30% during a period of three months.


The Gray Room

On June 2017 we launched the Gray Room. Silvia wanted it to be a separate website, where to buy the remaining stock of Gray Matters shoes. 

The process we followed was similar to Gray Matter website, starting from a template I took care of matching the style customizing in detail the store to match what Silvia was looking for. 

Every two weeks we published a new "offer" based on the shoes model she wanted to promote. A newsletter was sent and every offer had a dedicated landing page showing lifestyle images of the shoe. 

We sold all the stock. 





  • eCommerce design/build 
  • HTML customization
  • Newsletter design/management
  • Dedicated landing pages
  • A/B Testing