For over 10 years I was a promoter of events involving national and international electronic music artists. As the founder and art director, I worked on all the aspects of the shows, including advertising (online/offline), sponsorship marketing, budgets, technical operations and relationships with booking agencies, clubs and institutions (such as the Italian Embassy in Angola, Africa and the Italian municipality).

I organized single shows in Vicenza and Milan and founded Tronica, a yearly festival in Vicenza, Italy.

Live Acts: Delorean, Daedelus, Azari & III, Low Leaf, Falty DL, Nosaj Thing, Daddy Kev, Lone, Debukas, Gramme, AD Bourke, Fabrizio Mammarella, B_Co.Me, Mochipet, The Long Lost, Jogger, Solvent, Lusine, King Cannibal, Pentole & Computer, Jahbitat + No Domain, Lazer Sword, Monome Community Tour and many more.

Sponsored by: Obey, Urban Ears, WESC, Blue Distribution and more.



  • Founder
  • Art Director
  • Booking manager
  • Sponsor relationship
  • Promotion